Reduce Risk and Expedite Payments

FGI Finance works closely with all of our clients to manage current and future currency-risk exposure. Based on your specific needs, we provide tailored FX hedging strategies with tools adapted to the complexity of mitigating the foreign currency risk of any international receivable portfolio.

FGI Finance has a network of bank accounts with different major financial institutions across the globe that handle the collection of over fifteen foreign currencies. This allows clients to sell internationally while collecting from their customers locally.

FGI’s Foreign Exchange services include the following:

  • Around-the-Clock Access:
    we offer 24-hour access to the foreign exchange markets via market orders.
  • International Wire Transfers:
    Our electronic payment system can facilitate all international wire transfer needs, so both incoming and outgoing currency payments will go directly into the payee’s bank account overseas.
  • Foreign Bank Drafts:
    FGI customers can issue overseas payments via bank drafts in most internationally traded currencies.

Benefits of FGI’s FX services include the ability to:

  • Access current prevailing market data online
  • Convert a wide range of foreign currencies
  • Consolidate multicurrency receivables into any base currency

We also offer a wide array of products to help protect against
adverse currency market movements, including:

  • Spot transactions
  • Forward transactions
  • Variable-date-forward transactions (window forward contract)
  • Foreign-currency-option contracts
  • Swap contracts

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