Intelligence Services

Our team of credit specialists offers all the intelligence services of an in-house credit department, including credit reports and rating. We gather all of the information our clients will need to safely operate in international and domestic commercial markets.

Credit Reports

When conducting business abroad, the key to safe business development is vetting new customers with in-depth due diligence to assess the company’s financial health. FGI Risk credit reports on international and domestic companies can help you mitigate risk and make informed decisions when dealing with both new and existing customers.

Our credit reports are fast and easy to access. They provide you with:

  • A current, objective picture of how a business manages its financial obligations
  • A complete view of your clients’ and business partners’ credit risk
  • Payment practices, balances outstanding, and credit operations over time
  • Frequency and amounts associated with judgments, liens, and bankruptcies
  • The business history of prospects, customers, suppliers, and competitors to determine credibility

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Credit Rating

FGI Risk provides individual credit ratings on debtors. This allows you to accurately assess safe sale sizes for each of your buyers, thus improving your cash flow and minimizing bad debt.

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