Alternative Financing for a Changing Business World

Today’s challenging business environment means that companies seeking financing must often look beyond traditional methods. As banks and other financial institutions cut back on lending, smaller businesses in particular have struggled to find reliable sources of capital.

FGI is the perfect partner when looking for capital in this new economic era. We have the industry expertise and experience to offer tailored solutions to fit practically every business requirement. Whether it’s showing you how to finance your working capital needs or leveraging purchase orders for financing, FGI can steer you toward solutions that you may not have considered. Our team of financial advisers works with your company to identify alternative financing products that will fit your business needs when more traditional avenues have been closed.

If you’re a lender, FGI can help you secure your transactions, working with both you and your borrowers to ensure that all parties’ needs are being met.

If you’re a borrower, FGI’s market knowledge, network, efficiency, and ability to execute effectively make us your first choice as a capital partner.

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