FGI Risk Understands Your Credit Insurance Needs

FGI Risk specializes in helping businesses and their partner lenders maximize the benefits of credit insurance coverage as well as providing other credit risk management solutions. Our expertise spans across all aspects of credit risk mitigation, ensuring our customers receive the proper and complete coverage they need. We offer the highest quality credit insurance products on the market and cater to our clients’ needs with tailored solutions.

Insurance solutions to protect your bottom line:

  • Credit Insurance protects your business from the risks of non-payment of invoices. So, if your customer can’t pay you, you’ll still get up to ninety percent of the balance due.
  • Political Risk Protection has become increasingly important for those doing business abroad due to the geopolitical landscape becoming more and more uncertain.
  • Credit Puts and Swaps are used in cases when the coverage you need for your accounts receivable is more than credit insurance can offer, or when you need to transfer the credit exposure of your fixed income products.

Cutting-edge technologies that supports your financial goals:

  • Through our patented T.R.U.S.T. platform, we offer businesses and lenders a powerful credit insurance management software solution designed to maximize the value of credit insurance while reducing the time and effort needed to monitor policies.
  • S.M.A.R.T.SM is FGI’s Dunning Management Technology, which helps you centralize all interactions with debtors in one place and streamline your collection process.

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