Jo Bennett-Coles Spoke on the M&A Masters Podcast Hosted by Rubicon

Asset-based lending is one of the best ways for mid-sized companies to get to the next level. And the role of credit insurance, which has vastly improved since the days of the Great Recession, is often overlooked… yet will be vital to recovery after countries – and the companies in them – exit lockdown.

Jo Bennett-Coles, managing director of FGI Finance, a global leader in domestic and international finance for mid-sized companies, gives us the lowdown on credit insurance, including when you need it, how it works, and the many varieties of coverage available.
This type of coverage gets a bad rap in some circles. Jo dispels the myths and offers some best practices.

Tune in to find out…

• Why credit insurance is a powerful tool for private equity
• Services credit insurers provide that will surprise you
• How credit insurance fits in with M&A
• The biggest mistake companies make with credit insurance
• And more

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