“We needed a lender that could comfortably provide financing both in the US and the UK to support the merger of our two agencies. However we were having difficulty finding a bank or finance firm that could provide a cross border solution. FGI was able to provide us with the global financing we required to fuel the high growth we are currently experiencing.”

Sandeep Kulkarni,


In late 2014, Group FMG and Pod1 merged to form BORN, a full service digital marketing agency with a focus on luxury brands and clients such as Salvatore Ferragamo, TAG Heuer and DKNY. With the launch of BORN, the agency experienced tremendous growth. It expanded its global team to over 470 employees and opened new offices in New York and India.


The company required additional working capital to successfully merge the two agencies, rebrand as BORN, hire new employees and fuel the company’s growth. So they began searching for a lending partner.

First BORN turned to traditional banks. But it quickly became apparent that the banks would not be able to give them the level of availability they needed. They did not possess the track record of positive cash flow the banks required due to the recent merger.

Next they turned to US commercial finance companies. They were willing to finance BORN’s New York operation, but they would not finance the UK subsidiary.

Not only did BORN need to find a lender with global capabilities, but one that would feel comfortable financing a newly merged company with foreign subsidiaries and a parent company located in India.


After taking the time to understand BORN’s industry, clients, business and billing processes, FGI was able to deliver the global solution BORN was seeking and the working capital they required. FGI financed both the US and UK subsidiaries by providing BORN with a line of credit against all of their receivables, delivering maximum availability.


The working capital with which FGI provided BORN enabled the agency to successfully merge the two businesses, rebrand the company, and put an infrastructure in place to support their continued grow. As a result, the company is projected to almost double revenue in the coming year.