“We needed working and growth capital to take advantage of new opportunities in the marketplace. More than that, we needed someone like FGI with the multi-jurisdictional financing solutions to help us obtain both.”

– Mike Hodes, CFO, Casewise


Since 1989 Casewise has been “making business efficiency a way of life” through the software and consulting solutions they provide to such companies as Pfizer, British Gas and Lloyds Bank. This U.K.-based company serves clients in both Europe and the U.S., making them an international company with global reach.

Casewise’s stated mission is to help companies gain competitive advantages by linking people, process and technology. The company also helps guide customers through a maze of economic and market conditions, regulatory requirements, compliance and governance challenges.


Casewise helps their clients operate more efficiently. However, their receivables were slow moving, which took a toll on the company’s funds availability.

What’s more, Casewise had double-sided financing needs, meaning they required both working and growth capital. However, they’d had problems locating a UK lender who could finance multiple jurisdictions. They needed the services of an internationally-savvy commercial finance company with the global, multi-jurisdictional capabilities to deliver both working and growth capital.


The first step was to create an open dialogue to get an idea of the day-to-day, case-by-case challenges Casewise faced. Armed with this knowledge, FGI could then use its international-financing expertise to structure the multi-jurisdictional financing arrangements the company required. Through trust and attention to deal momentum, FGI was able to quickly and effectively deliver both working and growth capital.


Vital capital in hand, Casewise can begin writing the next chapter in its global-growth success story. Availability is enhanced, and their newfound liquidity allows them to make the investments they need to expand. The company is forecasting £12 million in sales for 2013, a 20 percent increase from the previous year.