FGI Provides Certus Automotive with a Credit Facility

“After going to market seeking a new credit facility, we quickly found that very few lenders can truly service the needs of a sophisticated company, operating across the globe such as Certus. With FGI’s international experience and in-depth understanding of the global automotive supply chain they structured a comprehensive facility encompassing all our global subsidiaries’ working capital assets.”

— Rob Mollenhauer,
CEO, Certus Automotive Inc.

“Grant Thornton Corporate Finance Inc. ran a competitive process for a very complicated, multi-country, multi-currency refinancing for Certus. FGI emerged as the lender of choice and provided a solution that Certus required in order to refinance existing debt and position the company for growth. The FGI team was diligent, professional, flexible and a pleasure to deal with.”

— Jeff Pocock,
Partner, Grant Thornton LLP

Certus Automotive is a manufacturer of high quality, innovative decorative solutions for the global automotive industry. The company is a global leader in chrome plated trim, providing a highly engineered, one stop solution for all chrome plated plastic products.

Certus Automotive, after many years of growth into new foreign markets such as Mexico, was no longer a compatible borrower for the more traditional Canadian banks. With the assistance of Grant Thornton, Certus needed to find a lender that could provide adequate working capital against all their assets across four countries and two continents to support their growth and high demand for their products.

Given FGI’s extensive experience and global resources providing multi-jurisdictional working capital solutions, FGI was able to structure a facility lending against Certus’ assets in Canada, Unites States, Mexico and Germany, in an industry where other lenders are paring back. This provided Certus with enough liquidity to successfully exit their existing bank facility as well as additional working capital to continue running comfortably even as their international automotive customers entered their annual holiday shutdown.
Certus Automotive now has the confidence to continue its projected growth with the support of an international lender. This becomes even more important as they navigate an ever-changing worldwide economy and are able to adapt their business model as needed to confront trade tariffs and other complexities facing today’s global companies.