DCM Group, Inc.

“FGI played an important role in our ability to grow our business. Not only did its financing give us the ability to effectively manage the ebb and flow of our payroll obligations, but FGI also helped us streamline our reporting and reorganize back office operations for our credit and collections department. ”

Kumar Chaluvadi,
CEO, DCM Group, Inc.


DCM Group, Inc. is an IT staffing and consulting company focusing on staffing projects at leading technology driven companies. Many of them are fast-paced global enterprises with rapidly changing staffing needs. Based in New Jersey, DCM’s clients include a host of Fortune 500 companies such as Citibank Corporation, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Fujitsu, Ericsson and many more.


DCM’s business was prospering to the extent that it made sense to seriously plan for further growth. However, that raised one critical financial issue. While its clients enjoyed payment terms of 45 – 60 days, its staff would need to be paid on time, making it difficult to hire the additional consultants it would require in order to win and keep new clients. DCM executives realized that to fund this expansion and ensure that they could meet their increasing payroll obligations, they would need additional working capital.


DCM was introduced to FGI after having already met with several financial institutions. After their initial meeting, DCM’s executives were impressed by how professional, organized and responsive FGI was. But more than that, they realized FGI would be more than just a lender – FGI would be a partner that could help them grow. Not only could FGI provide DCM with the financing they required but FGI also had the ability to help them develop processes to safely expand their business. Creating the right organizational environment in which to grow the business would be key to the success of the expansion program.

Once the partnership was established, FGI appraised DCM’s operations and growth strategy and established a plan. This plan involved setting up a flexible working capital facility plus a clearly defined roadmap to strengthen back office operations for DCM’s credit and collections department.


The working capital facility that FGI provided enabled DCM to hire more consultants, take on new clients and grow the business. FGI’s financing also meant that DCM could expand confidently, knowing that it would be able to meet all its payroll obligations as the business expanded. Furthermore, the close working relationship between FGI and DCM led to the realignment of their back office operations and the creation of a streamlined reporting system. Taken together these efforts resulted in the successful expansion that DCM’s executives had planned.