FGI Equipment Finance Provides US Liner with a $2,500,000 Term Loan in Mexico

“We needed a financing solution that allowed us to leverage our equipment in Mexico. With FGI’s deep lending expertise in Mexico, we knew FGI would be the right partner for us. FGI delivered to us exactly what we needed. The process was seamless and quick, allowing us to remain focused on our business and grow our operations in Mexico.”

— Michael C. LaRocco,
President, US Liner Company

Headquartered in Cranberry, PA and founded in 1985, US Liner Company (a Division of American Made, LLC) is a leading manufacturer of advanced, thermoplastic composite solutions for a broad range of applications in building products, transportation, recreational, truck, and trailer vehicles. US Liner products are proven to reduce weight while being unsurpassed at resisting moisture, impact, and corrosion compared to traditional materials. US Liner is an innovator in its field with three core lines of composites – Bulitex, Versitex, and Ecotex, delivering a superior product to its competitors.

In 2017, US Liner began production in Mexico, providing a global presence for the Company. US Liner needed additional liquidity and a way to leverage its fixed assets in Mexico. However, US Liner’s US bank was unable to assist. Most US banks are unwilling to lend on assets in Mexico, creating a significate problem for US companies that also have vast operations in Mexico.

Drawing on FGI’s extensive lending expertise in Mexico, FGI Equipment Finance quickly and seamlessly executed on a $2.5 million term loan against US Liner’s machinery and equipment in Mexico. This provided US Liner with additional financing to be able to implement its growth initiatives and continue focusing on serving its customers.