FGI Provides Network Aviation Group with a $6,000,000 facility

“Working as a partner with our existing domestic lender, FGI was able to provide us with a dynamic working capital solution for our US and Canadian businesses to meet our growth and strategic needs. They appreciated the need for flexibility and that is clearly demonstrated by their enthusiasm to include additional international entities within our group in the FGI facility as we expand.”

— Andrew Ballard,
Group Finance Director, Network Aviation Group

Since its formation in 1985, Network Aviation Group has set the standard for global aviation cargo sales and logistics. With an extensive international reach through its worldwide group of companies, Network Aviation is a trusted partner for many of leading airlines and handles an extraordinary range of cargo for major freight forwarders. This is a business built on hard work, loyalty and strong relationships over many years.

The Network Aviation Group has grown internationally. Their historic funding has been a traditional line of credit and A/R finance for some of their European entities through a major bank. However, the US and Canadian businesses were seeing exceptional growth. Coupled with that, Network Aviation wanted to execute a strategic plan which would pave the way for its future development. Obtaining ABL facilities for US and Canada was part of that plan. FGI was a perfect fit.

FGI routinely provides facilities in the US and Canada and has extensive expertise in both territories. More importantly, FGI is a partner to many banks and lenders across the world and that unique approach enabled Network Aviation to continue their long relationship with their existing lender while, in order to support Network Aviation’s continued growth, being able to finance with FGI their US and Canadian entities to start with, as well as additional territories/entities soon to come.