Imago Publishing Limited

“After taking the time to really understand our global operations, FGI tailored a cross-border financing solution that was unique to our business’ requirements, and they exceeded our financing goals.”

Simon Rosenheim,
CEO, Imago Publishing Limited


Headquartered in the UK, Imago Publishing Limited is an international print & product sourcing services company with offices around the globe. They manage the print, production and manufacture of a large range of products for a wide variety of clients, predominantly using Chinese suppliers. With production offices in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Malaysia, they are uniquely positioned to work directly with Far East suppliers and personally monitor jobs from start to finish.


Imago has sales offices in several countries around the world, each accounting for a significant portion of overall sales. While their UK lender was able to provide financing for their UK headquarters, the debt facility was not large enough to support the growth of their international subsidiaries since their lender could not provide financing outside of the UK. In order to maximize growth, they needed a global credit facility. So they turned to FGI, a commercial finance firm with a regional office in the UK and an established reputation for developing creative cross-border financing solutions.


After taking the time to understand Imago’s global operations and the nuances of their business, FGI set up a facility in the UK to replace Imago’s existing facility, as well as a facility to finance their US account receivables. Thus, FGI was able to provide the company with a comprehensive international financing solution.


The new financing solution FGI provided Imago has doubled Imago’s availability and put the company on track to reach their increased sales goals. As a result, they are now turning their attention to further expanding their global reach by working with FGI to establish an additional credit facility for Imago’s Australian operation.