Greater Flexibility and Loan Availibility

FGI Finance offers global asset-based lines of credit with more availability and flexibility than do typical cash flow loans. This allows clients to grow sales, capitalize on opportunities in new and expanding markets, and meet operational needs.

Our program is unique in that it:

  • Services companies with needs from $3 to $30 million using aggressive borrowing base formulas
  • Works with companies that have cross-border sales and complex multijurisdictional transactions
  • Works with all international receivables (from any country except those prohibited by US law)
  • Finances companies based in North and South America, Asia, Europe, Africa, and Australia
  • Considers additional assets, such as inventory and fixed assets
  • Is able to work with companies that are in distressed situations as well as those with high growth potential
  • Has the ability to partner with other senior lenders, sub debt lenders, term lenders, and other financial institutions.

FGI Finance’s professionals take the time to understand the entire situation and underlying collateral in order to accommodate aggressive structures, appropriate covenants, and maximum availability. They understand that the speed of execution is the key to the success of the transaction. FGI Finance will quickly identify and implement the most effective strategies to make the completed transaction a reality.

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