Enabling Corporations to Manage Credit Insurance Policies from Multiple Carriers and/or with Different Coverages

Corporations often rely on multiple credit insurance policies from different carriers to cover their growing business needs. Since every insurance carrier has its own specifics and requirements, it can become confusing and time-consuming to manage all the policies.

Additionally, as your business grows and expands, your number of debtors will increase, and it will become more challenging to stay in compliance with policy requirements.

T.R.U.S.T.™ is designed to simplify these tasks and helps corporations manage the following common challenges:

  • Monitoring the AR Gap and making a proactive credit decision
  • Transferring coverage for a specific debtor from one carrier to another
  • Monitoring and reporting on past due payments to the carrier
  • Keeping all policy requirements and documentation organized in one place
  • Getting a high-level overview of all policies
  • Ensuring policies are renewed on time

T.R.U.S.T.™ can help your corporation by:

  • Centralizing the details of policies from multiple insurance carriers
  • Providing ongoing monitoring of all exposures
  • Delivering immediate notification of any policy changes
  • Filing claims with carriers
  • Requesting a credit limit for a specific debtor