FGI Risk Supports Popular 21 with Credit Protection Program

 “Popular 21 is a leader in women’s apparel manufacturing and is dedicated to maintaining best practices for our business. The retail industry is dynamic, and our relationship with FGI lets us focus on growth and supplying our partners with quality products, knowing our business is guarded by the best credit insurance solutions on the market.”   

— Ryan McKearney
Director of Finance, Popular 21

Popular 21 is a leading fashion manufacturer and wholesaler of women’s casual dresses, activewear, graphic tees, and more, supplying women’s apparel to major retailers throughout the country. Headquartered in Los Angeles, Popular 21 has been dedicated to cutting-edge design, predictable quality, proactive customer service and unbeatable cost for more than thirty years.   

Now a long-time client of FGI Risk, Popular 21 initially reached out to FGI for help in securing credit insurance to minimize the risks associated with the retail industry, as they recognized the importance of protecting the business from the risk of non-payment and ensuring that debtors are covered properly.

FGI secured a successful credit protection program to meet the needs of the Company. In this current dynamic market, FGI continues to support Popular 21 by negotiating rates, appealing decisions, and helping with successful claims, allowing Popular 21 to conduct business with confidence as it continues to lead the industry.