FGI Wins Credit Insurance Claim Appeal for Cafe Spice

“The diligence FGI has demonstrated in our relationship is extraordinary. The team’s determination, care, and attention to detail ensured that our claim was paid in a circumstance that could otherwise have led to a significant loss. Knowing FGI has our back allows us to focus on what we do best, creating and delivering restaurant-quality meals to homes all over the United States.”

— Virgilio Felix
COO, Cafe Spice

Cafe Spice has a mission to bring authentic meals to homes across the country with its collection of culinary creations from around the world. A leader in the ready-to-eat space, Cafe Spice focuses on quality, authenticity, and giving back.

When unexpectedly faced with non-payment from a long-time customer, Cafe Spice turned to their credit insurance carrier to file a claim. During the process, the customer disputed the validity of the claim and the amount owed to Cafe Spice.

FGI stepped in and meticulously reviewed correspondence between Cafe Spice and the respective customer, pointing out written documentation to the insurance company in which the customer acknowledged the amount owed to Cafe Spice. FGI appealed the dispute, resulting in Cafe Spice being awarded the payment in question and avoiding the need to go to court for a judgment.