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Learn how FGI Finance has helped clients from around the world succeed—
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FGI Equipment Finance Provided Factory1 with $2MM in Financing

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“Factory1 was elated to find a lending partner able to provide a custom lending solution for our operations in Mexico to be able to continue growing globally. FGI EF delivered as promised in a swift and seamless process.”

– David Cohenshad
CEO, Factory1
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FGI Equipment Finance Provides US Liner with a $2,500,000 Term Loan in Mexico

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“We needed a financing solution that allowed us to leverage our equipment in Mexico. With FGI’s deep lending expertise in Mexico, we knew FGI would be the right partner for us. FGI delivered to us exactly what we needed. The process was seamless and quick, allowing us to remain focused on our business and grow our operations in Mexico.”

– Michael C. LaRocco
President, US Liner Company
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FGI Finance designs a multi-regional facility for A.T. Cross

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“AT Cross was at a pivotal moment in our company as our cash needs were exceeding our UK facility limits. Given’s FGI expertise in international receivables, FGI was able to see the value in the company as a whole and design a facility that leveraged all our businesses, rather than separating our financing by jurisdiction. Now AT Cross can grow across all borders of our business without worrying about our facility limits.”

– Marc Gold
CFO, A.T. Cross Company
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FGI Finance Provides SPS with a $15,000,000 Facility in Mexico

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“FGI, with their expertise and knowledge of the Mexico lending landscape, was exactly the partner we’ve been searching for to support our growing Mexico operation. They took the time to understand our business and customers and offered the flexibility to work alongside our existing lenders to ultimately provide SPS de Mexico a straight-forward solution that can grow with the company.”

– Dirk Daveline
CFO, SPS Companies, Inc.
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FGI Provides Certus Automotive with a Credit Facility

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“After going to market seeking a new credit facility, we quickly found that very few lenders can truly service the needs of a sophisticated company, operating across the globe such as Certus. With FGI’s international experience and in-depth understanding of the global automotive supply chain they structured a comprehensive facility encompassing all our global subsidiaries’ working capital assets.”

– Rob Mollenhauer
CEO, Certus Automotive Inc.


“Grant Thornton Corporate Finance Inc. ran a competitive process for a very complicated, multi-country, multi-currency refinancing for Certus. FGI emerged as the lender of choice and provided a solution that Certus required in order to refinance existing debt and position the company for growth. The FGI team was diligent, professional, flexible and a pleasure to deal with.”

– Jeff Pocock
Partner, Grant Thornton LLP
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FGI Finance designs $3 million facility for Wiley Accessories HK Ltd

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“FGI were able to assess the needs of Wiley HK and provide a suitable, flexible facility that enabled us to draw against our internationally generated receivables. FGI boutique approach meant that throughout the process we had the comfort that we were dealing with the decision makers in the group and therefore knew that what was being offered from the outset, was representative of what we were going to receive on funding. They took the time to understand our needs and then came up with a solution that matched our needs. This facility will now enable us to concentrate on growing the business, safe in the knowledge that we won’t be constrained on working capital in the future.”

– Jason Wiley
CEO, Owner and founder, Wiley Accessories HK Ltd.