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“We sought immediate access to additional working capital in order to successfully execute our strategic transformation plan. In a very short period of time, FGI was able to provide us with a $12 million facility which allowed us to pay off our European lender, infuse working capital into our subsidiaries in the UK and Germany and allocate funds to our subsidiary in Spain, where we previously had no availability.”

– Christian Mezger,
CFO, Ciber
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CC International

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“We needed a facility that could work alongside our UK facility to support the rapid growth of our US subsidiary. At a time when our very own US bank refused to provide us with a loan, FGI was able to deliver a $2 million facility flexible enough to support high concentrations. In addition, they helped us put in place the credit insurance policy we needed to protect our business.”

– Simon Davies,
Managing Director, CC International
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Millennial Brands

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“We needed a comprehensive ABL financing solution for our UK subsidiary. Not only were we looking for a flexible solution that would blend well with our existing facilities in the U.S., but we were seeking a personal level of service to suit the dynamic nature of our business. FGI came up with a great solution which exceeded our requirements. They understood our business and worked tirelessly through the transaction process to deliver.”

– Scott Briskie
CFO, Millennial Brands
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TTi Global

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“We were rapidly expanding. We needed a lender who could handle our sizeable foreign exposure and provide financing across multiple jurisdictions. FGI took the time to understand our unique operations and effectively handled a very complex international deal. They were the only lender able to provide financing to both our UK and Dubai operations.”

– Christine Santos
CFO, TTi Global
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“When banks in the UK and Canada were unable to help us, FGI stepped in and provided us with a $3MM covenant-lite facility against our accounts receivable, enabling us to successfully roll-out our growth strategy and repay a portion of our intercompany loan.”

– Jenni Hardy,
Group CFO, Transline Canada, Inc.
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Thompson International

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“When we needed a new lender, FGI was the only call I needed to make given their track record for completing international deals successfully.  Not only was FGI able to come up with a creative solution to completely pay off our incumbent lender, but they also negotiated better coverage with our insurance carrier, allowing us to extend better terms and consequently increase our sales volume.” 

– Cliff Thompson,
President, Thompson International