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“If you can’t meet demand, your competitors will. FGI’s financing solution made sure we didn’t have to turn down business.”

– Jenny Gayle
Group Financial Controller
, Panache
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Delphax Technologies

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“We can print anything . . . except money. So, we’re extremely happy that FGI had the flexibility and vision to provide financing that our company can use around the world.”

– Gregory Furness
Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, Delphax Technologies
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Open Date

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“FGI made this happen. Their quick response, tireless dedication and creative lending solutions enabled us to add a sensational company to our exciting portfolio of engineering and manufacturing businesses.”

– Ian Hogg
Managing Director, The Buffalo Group
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“We needed working and growth capital to take advantage of new opportunities in the marketplace. More than that, we needed someone like FGI with the multijurisdictional financing solutions to help us obtain both.”

– Mike Hodes
CFO, Casewise
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“Shopping for financing is a time consuming challenge. But not with FGI. Beginning with our first conversation, they showed us experience and skill, and gave us viable options. Then they delivered results”

– John French
Founder & CEO, Carttronics
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Broadband Satellite Services, LTD

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“A creative banker is an effective banker. FGI understands that. Other lenders dismissed our international sales, but FGI knew those revenues could be harnessed for expansion.”

– Ian Robinson
CEO, Broadband Satellite Services LTD.